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A Perfect Circle
A Perfect Circle played a bunch of shows last year, and then said the mini-reunion was — for all intents and purposes — over because of Maynard James Keenan’s commitments with Tool. Now, they’re playing more shows in 2011, which confused me at first. Why say you’re back on hiatus when you’ve got new tour dates coming.

But now, A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel is confusing me even more. He says there’s new music in the works as well…only, he doesn’t have a proper place to work. What?

“I kind of had the biggest void of writing in the past few years that I’ve ever had,” says Billy. “I don’t really have a great place to work. I had a house with a studio and sold that, and so I don’t have this readily available studio. And it’s the worst reason in the world to not be doing it, but we’re basically an unsigned band, we can kind of do what we want and put it out how we want, and we can kind of turn it around pretty quickly…that is if I find a place to start working.”

So, let me get this straight. The only reason A Perfect Circle isn’t releasing a new album is because Billy doesn’t have a home studio anymore? Well, that sucks. Anyone have a studio they want to lend Billy? Or a Mac?

I just wish A Perfect Circle would come out and fucking just tell us what’s going on. Is the band active, in a true sense, or just playing these few shows? Are new songs written, and will we ever get a new record? Just tell us what’s going on, Billy.

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