Decapitated in the studio
Polish metallers Decapitated are currently holed up at Radio Gdańsk Studio in Poland, where they have started recording the follow-up to 2006’s Organic Hallucinosis.

“We’ve just started the recording session of the new album … with Malta (Arek Malczewski) and Daniel Bergstrand who have been with us to set up the drums sound…and so far, everything has been going surprisingly well,” says guitarist Wacek Kiełtyka. “Right now, [drummer] Kerimh [Lechner] is finishing the last two tunes. I must say the drums sound really cool. Daniel has surprised us with his approach towards recording using millions of — often weird — solutions, e.g. a piano or using the corridor of Radio Gdansk.”

The drums were recorded live, and “the sound will be original and will help us to avoid the so-called ‘machine gun effect.’ We are going to record eight songs altogether and the album will be about forty minutes long. It looks like this time, our recording style is pretty ‘old-school’- with live drums and no recording of double guitar tracks, which means one guitar per side.”

Tentative song titles set to appear on the next Decapitated album include “Slow,” “Diablo,” “Chilis Assassin,” and “Fast One.”

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