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Free Devin Townsend EP Now Available

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Devin Townsend
That’s right, folks. We’ve waited two weeks, and now, that free live Devin Townsend EP is now available for download. Just head to this link to get it.

Of course, to get it, you need to give up a Facebook post or Tweet about Devin’s upcoming European tour, but that’s a small price to pay for free music.

The EP contains five songs, including “Supercrush,” “Kingdom,” “Truth,” “Om,” and “By Your Command.” Go get it. Superb sound quality for a live recording, I do say. It’s free, people — why wouldn’t you download it?

In related news, Devin has once again thanked a dude for contributing to his upcoming album Deconstruction. In a new Facebook post, Dev wrote “Thanks to Fredrik!,” leading many — including me — to speculate that dude snagged Fredrik Thordendal from Meshuggah for the disc. I hope so. Of course, that’s not official, so don’t go telling your mom about it or anything.