Petra Nioduschewski
The U.K. tabloid The Daily Mail has published an extensive article detailing Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore’s final hours with his girlfriend Petra Nioduschewski, who was the last person to see Gary alive at the five-star Kempinski resort on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

According to one hotel source, Petra called for help at around 4 a.m. the morning of February 6, “and a security guard went to the room and found Gary on the bed in his underpants.”

The security guard ”tried to pump his heart but he was already cold. She was in a bathrobe, completely shocked. She had tried to resuscitate him before the security guard got there. When the ambulance came, they didn’t try to shock his heart because he was already gone.”

Man, that sucks. We miss you Gary.

A friend told the paper: “Petra tried to help Gary. She gave him mouth to mouth and tried his heart until help came — they told her she did everything right. There were no signs of trouble, he had been fine all day and then he just stopped breathing. She knew there was something up when she couldn’t hear him breathing any more.”

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