'What? You're not gunna let us ins?'
Yeah, man. Getting across that border and back can be tricky…say, if you’ve got some outstanding legal issues, or are wanted by the authorities. Wonder what happened in the case of Within The Ruins.

The band’s label claims Within The Ruins have been forced to cancel their involvement in the “No Mercy Canadian Invasion Tour” because Canada won’t let them in. Kind of hard to do a Canadian tour when they won’t let you into Canada.
“We were denied entry into Canada this morning, and as a result, we will regrettably not be able to continue on the tour with Suffokate, The Contortionist and Last Chance to Reason. We are all very sorry, but this was completely out of our control. We hope that you go out and continue to support the tour with these amazing bands. We will be back as soon as we can!”

Out of their control? Hey guys — every hear of a little move I like to call “Jumping the Border Patrol and Beating Them with Their Own Elbows?” At the very least, you could’ve pointed something out to their left, been like, “What the hell is that?,” and then just run while they were momentarily distracted. Beyond your control…I call that laziness.

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