Opening on what would have been the King's 75th birthday this January 8th, the National Portrait gallery' upcoming exhibition, "One Life: Echoes of Elvis," will be looking back on popular depictions of the face that launched a thousand Vegas impersonators-- and, yes, there will be ample amounts of black velvet.

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It started earlier this week with a few harmless Tweets, expressing a mutual admiration. Now, Devin Townsend is working overtime to get Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato on what’s shaping up to be the best album of 2011, Deconstruction.

Last night, Puciato Tweeted that he was “waiting on a mix from Devin Townsend…to see what we can come up with on the collaboration front for his album…to test the waters a bit.” He also Tweeted that he thought it “pretty funny as well that this whole ball being in motion with Dev and I is due to a Twitter suggestion. Modern times for the win.”

Meanwhile, Townsend checked in with this update: “Been uploading sessions to Jens all day while trying to get a mix to Greg, but keep spontaneously falling asleep.”

It’s decided: Deconstruction is, for my money, the most anticipated album of 2011, and will likely be so amazing, metal may never be the same. So far, it looks like Devin’s managed to recruit Joe Duplantier from Gojira, Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth, and Tommy Rogers from Between The Buried and Me. It has already been confirmed that Ihsahn from Emperor will be featured on the LP, which could be out by late June.

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