Jim Sheppard
Awesome! Truly awesome. You can’t keep a dude from Nevermore down!

A few days ago, we reported that bassist Jim Sheppard — who plays with Seattle-based metal maniacs Nevermore — had a benign tumor in his brain that he was going to have removed in a surgical procedure that happened on Wednesday. The tumor was not believed to be cancerous, but frontman Warrel Dane asked that fans “send your positive energy for our brother” in an online posting.

Now comes the good news that the surgery went off without a hitch, that Sheppard is doing fine and recovering after the brain growth was expelled.

“Jim Sheppard made it through surgery and is in the recovery room already cracking jokes,” reads a Facebook fan site dedicated to the band. I, for one, am totally psyched. Brain surgery is like rocket science, you dig? Something could have gone wrong. Thank some higher — or lower — power that it didn’t.

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