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Guest Post: A Response To “Elections Have Consequences” & Unnecessary Snark


Since mw invited me to guest post on my own blog, because he apparently found a news item about the Tea Party I hadn’t, I thought I’d take him up on his thoughtful offer. I guess I’ll finally find out what it feels like to be him.

First, about the Tea Party stuff, great news. I’d be pleased to see even more stories like this regarding overall defense spending. Because, aside from Medicare, unnecessary defense spending is the biggest threat to our fiscal health. Glad mw saw that and posted it. It’s as if this whole idea of having other contributors makes a lot of sense!

So, to address the other point mw brought up…

Yes folks, I haven’t been blogging much lately. I know, huge surprise. Still, I’ve managed to write 36 posts in 2011. mw has written 11 on his blog and cross-posted 4 here. Think of that what you will.

But here’s some more perspective about blogging in general…

Donklephant was founded in July 2005. Since then I’ve written 6,460 posts. Thankfully, WordPress makes that number easy to find because I would have no idea otherwise. This will be post 6,461.

What that means is I have, on average, put up 3 posts a day for the past 6 years. And, on average, it takes about 30 minutes to read an article, look for other supporting facts and put something up. This is especially true when considering the type of blogging I like to do, which is more along the lines of reading something, sharing the news with you and offering my opinion.

If you add all that time up into your typical 16 hour days, I’ve spent about 7 and a half months creating content for this site. I say this not to complain or have you feel sorry for me. And if you do, don’t. I enjoy blogging and I’m lucky to have had so many interesting discussions with such a diverse crowd of people over the past 6 years. I’m a better, smarter person because of it. Well, at least I think I am. You’ll have to ask my friends if that’s actually true or not. Still, it has taken a lot of time and I’m not sure I’ve ever shared just how much it does with all of you.

And that’s not even taking into account the behind the scenes stuff that I have to deal with like deleting and approving comments, clearing out spam, archiving content, making sure the site is running effectively and taking part in the comments sections as well. Those conversations can be a huge time suck if you let them. Let’s just call it an even 8 months. 🙂

So I’ve done all of that while maintaining a full time job, writing & producing & directing short films and web series, creating a new filmmaking fund here in Kansas City with the help of Robert Altman’s family and quite a bit more.

Oh, and I do have an actual life. Friends, family, a girlfriend, vacations, parties, concerts, movies, fine dining, sports. Yes, it’s a good time, and one of the reasons it’s that way is because blogging doesn’t dominate it. Sure, sometimes it has, but over the past year, I’ve been less interested in blogging…so I haven’t done it as much. The daily slog of the health care fight and the inanity of much of the Tea Party’s messaging made for a very uninteresting political conversation. There are only so many times you can point out that what somebody is calling unconstitutional is actually the exact opposite and the same goes for details of what is or isn’t in the health care legislation, if it’s bad, how much money it wil save, will it work, etc.

And I’m sure most of you have picked up on this by now, but I don’t aspire to be a political pundit. I don’t want to be on CNN. I don’t want to be on talk radio. I’m just trying to build a small little corner of the political blogosphere where people aren’t terrible to each other. And I think, for the most part, we’re accomplishing that.

So there you have it. I’m not going to promise any more or any less posting. What I will promise is that I’m sticking around. Hope that’s enough.

Oh, and mw…if you ever ask me to guest post on my own blog again…I will crush your head.