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Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson Releasing Second Solo LP


Steven Wilson
If you haven’t already heard Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson’s 2008 solo album Insurgentes, do yourself a favor — pick up a copy. It’s a mellow outing, but contains the best of everything you love about Porcupine Tree. Thankfully, Steven’s been working on a follow-up.

“My second solo album is nearing completion,” Wilson says in an online posting. “It will be in the form of two separate, 40-minute albums released in the same two-CD set, and will also come as a Blu-Ray with surround mix, high definition stereo and a lot of visual material.”

Sah-weet. I am super psyched to hear what Steven’s been working on, because I happen to be a big fan of the dude. And in person, he may be one of the coolest, most chilled out chaps I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. For real. I bet he gets tons of fotch.

“We’re also planning a special Insurgentes-style hard back book edition with a full length bonus CD of additional material,” Wilson adds. “A year in the making, this is without doubt my biggest project to date, perhaps my most ambitious and personal music, and with some phenomenal musicians and performances on it (drummer Nic France in particular is going to blow a lot of people away). We hope a website will launch around April [or] May to start previewing material, with the album scheduled for September.”

September, please come quickly.