I’m having one of the worst days I’ve had in recent memory. Just a horrible fucking day. Bad news after bad news after bad news. In fact, I literally can’t fucking deal with it. But on a positive note, Finnish death metallers Corpset have inked a deal with Violent Journey Records. That cheered me up a little.

The band’s debut album, Ruins, drops April 27 and was recorded in Finland in various places — from professional studios to a horse ranch.

A press release claims Ruins is “a ruthless ten-piece of contemporary Finnish death metal. With combining old-school sounds to more modern approach and joining hook-filled melodies with pure aggression, Ruins is sure to put Finnish metal-scene on its knees. Corpset, holding some familiar names from different well-known Finnish acts in their lineup, has managed to create a breath-taking example of twisted Finnish death metal and is a welcome breeze of fresh air to today’s stiff metal soundscapes.”

I love press releases written in broken English.

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