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Arkaik To Release Metamorphignition In 2012


Californian technical-proficient progressive death metal act Arkaik are plugging away on new material for their sophomore LP, Metamorphignition.

The album will be out in 2012 and the band’s “intention is to create a more mature and rhythmically balanced album that expands on their already fierce musical style. It will be an evolution in which the brutality and technical ferocity will not be lost; it will merely be accompanied by more musical elements which will add depth to the sound. The music on the album will be intertwined with a story with the intention of engaging listeners. It will take them on an abstract journey into the transcendental nature of humanity and the cosmos.”

Arkaik will hit the studio later this year; the band’s debut, Reflections Within Dissonance, came out in January 2010 on Unique Leader and you should check that shit out.