777 - Sect(s)
And that is the cover art for French black metal act Blut Aus Nord’s forthcoming new record, 777 – Sect(s). The album drops on April 19 here in the states. The rest of the world gets the album a day earlier.

Debemur Morti Productions will release the record, which was recorded, mixed and mastered at Earthsound Studio. According to a press release, the record represents Blut Aus Nord’s most nightmarish voyage yet.

The album will boast six songs, including “Epitome 2,” “Epitome 5,” and “Epitome 3.” Basically, all six songs are named “Epitome.” So there.

In related news, Debemur Morti has reissued the band’s classic album The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion on vinyl; the record is also available as a 2-disc CD set, with the second disc containing never-before-heard tracks from the black metal masters.

Entertainment Blut Aus Nord To Release New Disc In April