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Fetus Stench
Dude…I think I have a new favorite band.

They’re called Fetus Stench, and they’re from Sweden. The band features members of Blood Red Throne, The Law, and Slaughterous and they’re fucking disgusting!

Fetus Stench has posted three tracks from its debut demo — called “Stillborn Son,” “Meat Grinder Flesh Obliteration” and “Butchery Divorced” — over at the band’s MySpace right now. If you like filthy, black shit, you need to check these dudes out.

The band formed earlier this year by Andreas “Björte” Björnson of Slaughterous on guitar and vocals, Emil Wikste from Blood Red Throne on drums, Bullen from The Law and Illern of Anti-Christian Death Squad on guitar.

The band claims the demo boasts “four tracks of relentless death metal.”

Emphasis on the word relentless. These dudes are tight, menacing, and evil. You’ve got to love it.

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