Dude, this thing is beyond epic. It’s, like, epic times ten. At times, I felt like I wasn’t sitting on my couch here in Weehawken, but inside a “Legend of Zelda” or “Castlevania” game…but not in a hyperactive Dragonforce sort of way. I actually fucking love this record, and I usually don’t like bands like this. You need to check out the record, and thanks to Turisas, you can listen to it before you buy it.

Turisas’ awesome new album Stand Up And Fight, the Finnish battle metal act’s third album, is streaming in its entirety at the Record Shop X web site, but act fast, kids: The stream ends March 1.

Turisas’ new disc is available March 8 here in the states, and is out already in Finland and Japan.

Stand Up And Fight is a loose continuation of the story from The Varangian Way, and picks up where the previous one left us, in Constantinople,” mainman Mathias Nygård has said. “However, it is not a sequel as such. In general, the songs are much more universal and deal with topics that can be placed just as tightly into the modern world as in the 11th century Byzantine Empire. ‘Stand Up And Fight’ has much more to offer the contemporary listener.”

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