May is shaping up to be one heavy motherfucking month. A lot of solid black and death metal releases will be dropping in May…one of my favorite months ever, if only because of the poem I recite on May 1, imparted on my by one of my first editors: “Hurray, hurray, the first of May; Outdoor fucking begins today!”

German black metallers Endstille will now be releasing a new album in May called Infektion 1813. It is the band’s seventh album, due on May 17 through Season Of Mist.

“We’re satisfied to get reinforcements now by our new comrades of Season of Mist,” the band says in a statement. “They already proved to be a successful label in the past. So we know that our new brothers in arms can give us enough support for being finally at war with all.”

Endstille features former Nagelfar vocalist Zingultus, who joined the band in 2009.

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