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Hate Eternal’s New Disc Due This May; Title Revealed


Hate Eternal
I’m telling you, faithful followers — May is going to be one hell of a fucking month, filled with tons of amazing metal releases. Add Hate Eternal’s new one to the mounting list of reasons why May’s looking like a killer month. I mean, not only will it start getting warm out — which means girls will start wearing less clothing — but, like, every awesome death metal band is coming out with new shit in May.

The PRP clams that Hate Eternal’s Phoenix Amongst The Ashes will be out on May 10 through Metal Blade Records. That’s awesome news.

Besides being one of the friendliest dudes I’ve ever met, Erik Rutan can fucking shred. He’s one hell of a producer too, and is — if I remember correctly — handling the production of this new disc.

I also happen to love that title. It’s very Hate Eternal, and just sounds super promising to me. Is that weird? That the title gets my juices flowing?