The lost trailer tee
So, there is this band called Vanna, right? Some people would say they’re not metal, or not metal enough for coverage on sites like Gun Shy Assassin, and most of the time, I’d agree with that statement. But I had to comment on what these dudes have done in the wake of the theft of their trailer. It is kind of a smart idea by a dumb band, and here at Gun Shy Assassin — while we may prefer filthy, black shit — when news happens in and around the heavy metal universe, well — guess what? We cover it! We’re not so ignorant and elitist that we’d just fucking blow off actual news, like a band’s van getting jacked. Ugh…sorry, folks; this has nothing to do with you, I’m just venting after a long week. Anyways, we just have to clarify: Vanna’s probably not worth your time if you listen to bands like — I don’t know — Watain. But a trailer was stolen, and that sucks when you’re in a band.

So this is what Vanna did: They took a picture of their stolen trailer — which was discovered missing this morning (February 24) from the studio where the band’s been working on new tracks — and put it on a T-shirt. The trailer was completely cut from its lock and tow system, and insider were guitar cabs, bass cabs, drums, and an extensive amount of merch created for tour. These dudes are trying to replace the trailer, so to help them raise funds, they had this special T-shirt made that will be available for one week only. It’s a smart idea. I’m surprised a bunch of bands who’ve gone through similar travails before never thought of it. But watch — the next time a band has something stolen, it’ll be T-shirt time.

“If it wasn’t bad enough that we weren’t eating well while recording, having our gear and our trailer stolen while recording the record was icing on-the-nonexistent-cake,” laments vocalist Davey Muise. “We are very bummed out, but did not let it affect the way we recorded the album. We created this special shirt in hopes that we can raise enough to get a new trailer. We are hoping people will help by buying the shirt.”

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