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Between The Buried And Me Streaming Part Of New Song

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Between The Buried and Me
Not sure why Between the Buried and Me decided to preview one of their new songs on, seeing as that site usually only attracts butt darts in tight pants who worship acts like All Time Low and Travie McCoy and think semen tastes like couscous. This decision confuses me.

AltPress does not cover metal…at all, and I’m sorry — that’s what Between The Buried and Me are: progressive metal. It would’ve been a much better fit for Gun Shy Assassin, but I guess BTB&M are looking to attract more gay fans.

Over at that site, you can hear a six-and-a-half minute slice of a new Between The Buried And Me‘s track called “Specular Reflection.” Not even the whole song, but part if the song. That’s fucking strange…give us the whole song or give us nothing.

The portion of the song streaming over at that stupid-ass site is actually kind of intriguing and sounds like typical BTB&M. But if you want to hear the entire song, you’ll have to wait until the band’s album, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues, drops April 12 through Metal Blade.