Devin Townsend
For months now, Devin Townsend has been toiling away in the studio, working on the forthcoming Deconstruction, an album that will likely feature guest vocals from a bevy of heavy metal’s frontman elite: Cynic’s Paul Masvidal, Gojira’s Joe Duplantier, Between The Buried and Me’s Tommy Rogers, Gwar’s Oderus Urungus, and Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt.

But it’s the contributions of Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato that have Devin dizzy with excitement…so much so that Devin went well beyond his usual “Thanks” message on Facebook and Twitter and checked in with the following message, making this writer even more pumped for the record than I was when I went to sleep last night.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, @GregPuciato just tore me a new asshole. Fucking hell…AWESOME!” Greg’s guest vocals must really be amazing for someone like Devin to be this excited. I mean, I never thought anyone would be able to tear Townsend a new one. Ever. I figured Åkerfeldt would’ve, but no — Greg Puciato was the one who brought the asshole rippage. This record is going to fuck your mind up.

Puciato, meanwhile, Tweeted that he’d “Just finished the vox for Dev, big thanks to Sing Sing Studio in Melbourne for hooking up the primo location, and to engineer Alex Beck for the smooth operating. Talked to Max [Cavalera] earlier. We’re super psyched to deliver something devastating to you guys. DEP fucks shit up on March 2nd in San Fran at 12 NOON. Lunchtime mayhem. I hear its outside, which means I’ll probably be arrested. Have a good weekend everyone!”

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