Finnish pagan metallers Moonsorrow have a new album called Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa (which translates to As Shadows We Wander In the Land of the Dead) on the way, and now, for a limited time only, you can go online and hear the entire disc before you buy it.

Head to the Record Shop X Web site to hear the record from now until March 1. The 60-minute-plus opus sees the band taking an almost cinematic approach to its craft, carving out truly monumental swathes of sound best enjoyed with a flagon of mead in one hand and a sharpened weapon of war in the other.

The album is epic and theatrical in its own way. A press release describes the album as “Ennio Morricone if he’d been brought up by wolves on the frozen Tundra.” If you don’t know who Ennio Morricone is, get fucked.

The press release continues, saying that the album include “influences from the folk, progressive, black metal and classic rock scenes” and “successfully brings the hammer down from first chest-beating note and rousin’ choral passage to last, proving that true Viking power is very much alive an’ well and ready to burn and pillage on command.”

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