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Taiwan explains Wisconsin

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As previously noted, Taiwanese animations are the future of all mainstream news. Here the folks at NextMedia have distilled US TV news, newspaper commentary, blogs, and twitter feeds on the Wisconsin standoff into an easily digestible two minute animation. I actually think four posts in a row on the same subject is probably two too many, but as this story is winding down anyway, I’ll give NMA the last word.

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This is what a cheesehead protest looks like in Taiwan:

“Republican Scott Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin in the US mid-term elections last year. He ran on a conservative platform emphasizing fiscal responsibility.Once in office, Walker set about dealing with Wisconsin’s debt problem. He targeted the benefits of Wisconsin’s public sector unions.Knowing that they would lose if the matter came to a vote, Wisconsin’s Democratic senators fled to deny Republican lawmakers from bringing the matter to the floor. When Walker started threatening to cut benefits, public sector workers like teacher, firemen and nurses were enraged. Despite threats from Walker that he might mobilize the national guard against the unions, 25,000 strikers converged on Wisconsin’s state capitol to protest the proposed cuts. The protest struck a chord all over the world. A local pizzeria got orders from as far abroad as Egypt to help feed the strikers. But what will happen to Wisconsin’s fiscal condition if they get what they want?”

I wonder why I waste time watching the news. It is easier to just wait for NMA to distill every story down to its essence.

They did miss all the giddy excitement on the left about the embarrassing prank call to Governor Walker from a fake David Koch. Walker did not say anything in the call that is going to change the dynamic in Wisconsin. The problem is not anything he said. The problem is that he took the call. The only likely effect will be to Walker’s presidential ambitions and potential re-election. He’ll be running against that audio recording for the rest of his political life. So it goes. He took the call, now he’ll live with it. I’m good with that.

Taking that call fanned the flames of left wing paranoia about David Koch which is beginning to take on the epic proportions of right wing paranoia about George Soros. But as far as the legislative standoff is concerned, this is a foregone conclusion. Walker will win.

Wisconsin Democrats run for the exits.

Polls do not support the AWOL Wisconsin Senators. The Wisconsin State Assembly passed the Walker Budget Repair Bill after beating back a filibuster and the Senators will have to return sometime or be recalled. The protesters in Madison will have to go back to work or be fired. The Republicans have the votes and Walker has the will. Done deal.

It is all Kabuki Theater in Wisconsin from this point. To quote another blogger who occasionally posts at this site and is currently basking on a Mexico beach “Moving on.

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