The Breathing Process

The Breathing Process
Blackened death metal outfit The Breathing Process claim they’re sorry.

Unfortunately, at the last possible fucking minute, the band has announced that it will not be making the second annual Rock Your Face Off Fest, which goes down March 5 at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts; in their place, Nefarious Realm has booked Acaro and Thoughts In Reverse. It sucks the band won’t be making what will no doubt go down as one of the coolest events of this very young year of 2011, and they’re fucking sorry. Truly.

“Our new singer lives in North Carolina and he’s not able to travel up here for that weekend,” says The Breathing Process’ Jordan Milner. “We were going to have a fill-in, but couldn’t find one. We were going to have our original singer, but we don’t really want to play with him because its always drama when we play together. Unless we can magically figure out some solution…”

Fuck. That blows. But Rock Your Face Off is still going to kick ass, with Revocation, Burning Human, Widow Sunday, and more taking the stage for the big show.

To be honest, the whole reason for me interviewing the band was to discuss their participation in RYFO, so the mood of the phoner took a sour turn. Miler says The Breathing Process are bummed they can’t make the fest — like, really bummed. “It’s a really good show — I mean, Revocation, I was really looking forward to seeing those guys,” says Milner. “We’re really crushed about it. I’m a bitch.”

So, OK. I’m not going to let this throw me. I ask Milner what the band is up to. He says they’re in the middle of writing an EP and their next full-length. They’re writing them simultaneously, and plan to have the EP out before the LP; they’ll hit the studio this summer to record, and the discs should be out this fall.

“There was a big story that was told with the first two albums, and the third and last part, we always knew would be a slower, kind of doom-esque EP,” he says. “The full length will be all new territory.”

The Breathing Process, he says, are not falling in line with what’s trendy now on their next studio offerings. They’re marching to their own beat, because “we’re in it for the art…a lot of bands are in it just to get chicks nowadays, and that sucks because there are so many bands out there that are great and don’t get the recognition they deserve because its not the hype, its not the trend.”

On the next two efforts, the Breathing Process plan to “up the technicality with the guitar work,” and want the record to contain more riffs. “We’ll probably add more clean singing, because our new singer has an actual singing voice,” explains Milner. “We want to see how far we can push the envelope of black and death metal. We just always want to expand our sound, and be as refreshing as possible.”

How refreshing!

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