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Chimaira Guitarist Joins Six Feet Under


Rob Arnold
Less than a month after Kevin Talley — who has worked with Chimaira — joined Six Feet Under as their new drummer, the Floridian death metal outfit Six Feet Under have named Chimaira’s Rob Arnold their new guitarist.

“Just wanted to give you a Six Feet Under band update and let you all know that we would like to announce our good friend Rob Arnold will be joining Six Feet Under as second rhythm guitarist for upcoming touring duties, as well as collaborating on the new CD,” the band says.

For his part, frontman Chris Barnes says he “couldn’t be happier about the new songs and lineup! Rob and myself have been collaborating on new songs along with the band’s new drummer, Kevin Talley, for the past few months.”

That means new Six Feet Under tunes are on the way. Cool beans, fuckwad!

He added: “We are all feeling really excited about the band’s future, and the raw intensity of the songs that we have created together so far. This is the heaviest most exciting material that I’ve worked on since The Bleeding [the 1994 Cannibal Corpse LP] and I’m stoked that Rob will be helping out creating this CD with us! We’ve all known each other for a while and we’re really looking forward to continue writing the new CD and future tours. We are committed to taking Six Feet Under to the next level of brutality!”

Arnold says that being in the band is “an amazing honor and opportunity.”