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Wow. I can tell you with the utmost confidence that the songs on the forthcoming Between The Buried And Me effort The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues are going to be beyond awesome. That’s because Between The Buried And Me are beyond awesome. Alas, we’ll only get three songs on the new one — but they’re all over ten minutes long.

The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues drops April 12 via Metal Blade Records and was recorded at Canada’s Metalworks Studios and Rattlebox Studios and helmed by the Grammy award–winning producer David Bottrill (who has worked with Tool and Muse). The songs are called “Specular Reflection,” “Augment of Rebirth,” and “Lunar Wilderness.”

According to a press release, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues represents BTB&M’s musical and conceptual masterwork; the record showcases both the quintet’s vivid execution and ambitious vision. The otherworldly conceptual thread linking each of the songs is mobilized around two human characters that live in different planes of existence and are separated by millions of light years, each confronted with similar personal issues.

“Subsequently, both characters make decisions that will change their lives, and perhaps the course of the universe, forever. Musically, the release presents aura-rich atmospheres rife with roaring volumes, corrugated rhythms and trance-inducing intricacies. Cerebral and visceral, soft and heavy, melodic and abrasive, tender and brutal, familiar and strange and taut yet sprawling and epic, Between The Buried and Me has crafted a sound that is musically sophisticated yet primal and a disc where every new passage leads to the culmination of an epic adventure.”

That there is the cover art. How psyched are you all for this record? I’m so psyched, I need to go surfing now. Oh, and make sure to listen to part of one of the songs below.

Between the Buried and Me “Specular Reflection” (Sample) by Metal Blade Records

  • Exclusive Huh?

    BTBAM blows. If I had a nickel for the number of times these guys have been boo’ed off stage, I’d probably be a few dollars richer. If we’re lucky, you drowned pretending you know how to surf.

  • B9

    Aw… you were so upset BTBAM didn’t preview their music on your weak ass blog that you stole it from somewhere else and tried to make your own little article about it.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t respond to cowards who won’t use real emails.

      • Franky

        Lol except you did respond to his post. Whats an email gonna do? Does that give you more room to fling foul language at more random people youre no better than? Youre really good at digging your own grave even deeper and deeper.


  • Jake666

    I’m stocked for this album. Fuck the haters, don’t know good music when it slaps them in the face. Good article, also. Thanks for the good news, Chris. I can’t wait for this.

    • Logan V.

      Just because you think something is cool doesn’t validate anything but nice try, bro.

  • Jake666