Obviously this doesn’t mean that unions haven’t overreached or don’t have flaws. They have and they do…just like businesses and governments have flaws and put their employee in harm’s way, discriminate against them, etc.

Because let’s remember that unions didn’t spring up because they weren’t needed. And let’s not pretend that employers won’t exploit their workers if they can. A business is nothing more than an amoral system designed to make a profit. Some companies are awesome and put their employees (and customers) above some “business” decisions that would fatten the bottom line, but they’re not exactly common. So workers need an equally amoral system that’s focused on getting everything they can too.

Also…we’re talking about taking away the ability for people to collectively bargain. Walker won’t concede, and yet the unions in Wisconsin have already said they would cut back on salaries, benefits, etc. Where’s the compromise?

I’m glad Joe has said this publicly and I wish more Republicans would say the same thing instead of being so knee-jerk anti-Union.

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