I’ve often lost sleep at night thinking to myself that The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” could’ve been much, much better…only, it was missing that certain something. Perhaps it needed a metal edge? Thankfully, Sepultura’s come along to help me get some sleep again.

The Brazilian metallers have reportedly finished the recording of their next album at Trama Studios in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The band worked with producer Roy Z on the effort; he’s worked with dudes like Halford and Bruce Dickinson.

The band has recorded a lucky 13 songs, including two covers: the more obvious — Ministry’s “Just One Fix” — and the not-so-obvious — The Prodigy’s “Firestarter.” In case the first paragraph was completely lost on you, I think that there are so many fucking songs these dudes could’ve covered, and they go with a piece-of-shit track from an inverted mohawk-havin’-motherfucker-fronted techno band from the 1990s. Phat!

There’s no title for the disc yet, but the record is being eyed for a May release through Nuclear Blast.

Fucking Prodigy? Come on, dudes. This has to be the result of a dude coming up with a sick riff that sounded too much like it should have been in that song. “Guys…I know what we can do — COVER!!!” Lame.

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