Tom and his woman
Slayer bassist and frontman Tom Araya is experiencing vertigo, according to the man’s wife, Sandra.

A few days back, Slayer were forced to cancel an appearance at the Soundwave festival in Sydney, Australia, after Araya was taken to the hospital for treatment, and while vertigo is no laughing matter, I’m glad it’s nothing worse. Like a flesh-eating virus, which has sidelines guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

In a Facebook post from Sandra, Araya “was suffering from vertigo due to extreme dehydration and lack of rest.” Hey Tom — crack open a bottle of Poland Spring and take a fucking nap, dude. You’re not 25 anymore.

“Our doctor is in the process of getting the results on the test that were ran (major time zone difference and being the weekend has held up those results),” the message adds. “Hopefully there will be nothing more to add after the results are returned.”

We wish Tom well and hope he makes a speedy recovery. And remember — Exodus’ Gary Holt is filling in for Hanneman, who is home recovering from surgery to address that flesh-devouring infection, which was likely caused by a spider bite.

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