Dillinger Escape Plan
Yesterday, the Dillinger Escape Plan performed a free show at the Yuerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco, California, as part of the promotion for this video game “Homefront.”

The set was a ripper, based on some of the videos I’ve seen online. One such video can be found at the end of this jump. Watch as the band shifts from “43% Burnt” to a cover of Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power.”

Not sure how I feel about this cover. Dillinger has done a lot of much better covers. This one seems…I don’t know…like it’s too much. I know I’m talking about DEP, who — for most people — are just too much. But I could barely tell this was a cover of “Fight The Power.”

Dillinger truly make it their own…for better or worse. Other covers have been recorded for “Homefront” by bands including The Acacia Strain, As I Lay Dying, Misery Signals, and Periphery.

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