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The Gross Show: Philly’s Filthiest Humans Find a Home

The Gross Show

There is a long and marvelous history of daytime American television that exposes the sex-craved, cross-dressing, baby mama underbelly of our country.   True American patriots like Jerry Springer, Geraldo Rivera, Maury Povich, and Steve Wilkos have perfected the art of the daytime talk show and present the rich, incestuous tapestry of life that makes up our great land.  And the best part of all, the depraved nut jobs who are often guests on these programs make us normal folk, aka “norms,” feel so much better about ourselves (p.s. – if you have more than three cats, you are probably not a norm).  So it’s only appropriate that Philadelphia would have their own forum to show off their strange citizens.  And that, my friends, is the aptly named Gross Show.

The Gross Show is an experience unlike any other at the Philly Improv Theater.  Host Alex Gross brings some truly strange and disgusting citizens on stage to help them work out their ridiculous problems.  Some past guests include a troll who’s cheating on his wife with transvestite prostitutes, John Wilkes Booth, who confronts President Abraham Lincoln about his affair with Booth’s underage daughter, and a woman with talking, tooth-filled genitals who’s just trying to find the right man.  The show is very interactive, filled with raucous chanting and a Q&A section.  But don’t get too rowdy, because resident lawman/comedian James Hesky is armed with a Taser (silly string) and he is not afraid to use it.

The show comes with two warnings.  First: this show is not kid friendly.  It’s also not old person friendly unless that old person is really hip.  The first episode of The Gross Show will forever be remembered for a certain notorious performance too racy to be recounted in this article.  You will feel slightly to moderately uncomfortable and if you don’t, they didn’t do their job.  Second warning: you might bust your gut from laughing too much.  You are in for some very committed performances by some of the best comedians in the city.  The Gross Show is a seriously fun, seriously funny experience that you won’t soon forget.

The next Gross Show will be on Thursday, March 31st at 11pm.  The show is presented by The Philly Improv Theater, the city’s best destination for improv, sketch, and alternative comedy.  All shows take place at The Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge Street.  Tickets can be purchased on PHIT’s website or at the door before the show.  Make sure to check out this show for an experience that is equal parts horrifying and hilarious.