How do I know this? Well, because Blabbermouth reported it this morning, having landed an exclusive from a band I haven’t cared about since Max Cavalera jumped ship.

Kairos is an ancient Greek word signifying a time in between…a moment of undetermined time in which something special happens. Yeah, I don’t really know what the fuck that’s all about either, but that’s the title of the new Sepultura record, which drops this spring through Nuclear Blast.

In an interview with Blabbermouth, guitarist and main songwriter Andreas Kisser said that the “whole theme of the album is the concept of the time, and the title reflects that — it’s like one concept of time which is not chronological, from one to two; it’s like a an instant in time, it’s a special time of change…”

I have no idea what this dude is talking about.

“Everyone’s life is written by [their] choices — you have many ‘kairos’ moments, like if you go [from] point A [to point] B [to point] C, you are driven by your choices or your guidance; you have to go either one way or the other. And that’s the kind of time we talked about — not about aging or getting old or going back [in time]; it’s just [about those important] moments that can change everything. Like Martin Luther King’s speech in Washington D.C. that day, it was a ‘kairos’ moment that changed the world, pretty much, the direction that we talked about certain things and the way we lived our lives.”

Still have no idea. For further crazy talk, you can check out Blabbermouth’s exclusive interview. As previously reported, the album will feature covers of tracks originally composed by Ministry and The Prodigy.

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