You can’t very well travel abroad without visas or passports. And seeing as Norwegian blackened punk metallers Kvelertak had their fucking passports and visas stolen at the airport, just before they were to hop a plane to the U.S., the band’s going to miss the first few dates of their tour with Zoroaster and Weedeater.

“I sat down to have a bite at Burger King at [the Oslo Central Station Friday night (March 4)], and suddenly I discovered that the backpack with all six passports that I had placed next to me on the seat was gone,” said lead singer Erlend Hjelvik. How in the hell does that happen? Dude must’ve been suffering from Whopper Fever and wasn’t paying attention. Something sounds fishy about this story.

The band says it could take a week to get new passports and visas, and they’re hoping they can make their March 16 gig at South By Southwest, which I’m not going to again this year.

“We will go down to the passport office on Monday and see what we happens,” Hjelvik said, adding that he has no idea how much money the band will lose as a result of the theft and not making the shows. They paid $12,500 for flights they didn’t end up catching, “but we do not know if that money will now be used for the new tickets, refunded or if we have lost it entirely.”

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