Peter Dolving
As you well know, The Haunted have a new album coming out soon — it’s called The Unseen and will be unheard by me. That album drops March 21.

On the same day, Suicide Records will re-release The Haunted frontman Peter Dolving’s solo EP Just ‘Cause You Can Talk, Don’t Mean I Have To Listen. I’ve never heard the album, but that title is pure Dolving. If you’ve ever read his online rants about the users of certain metal sites, you know that title fits the dude.

No one even really paid attention to the EP when it first hit stores back in 2000, because the offering was basically filled with non-metal tunes.

According to a press release, “it’s not easy finding references with someone like Peter Dolving. But certainly the willful artistic move to step out of pre-conceived images and break free from whatever box he felt he was being placed in put him where words and music are the key, not image and sway.”

The EP features five tracks, including “Peace of Mind,” “Situation Terrorist,” “Dirty Words,” “Here’s to All,” and “Let ‘Em Swing.” Not sure what ‘Em is, but I am assuming they’re balls.

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