And that tour starts on March 15 in Nashville, Tennessee. That’s right, folks. Wretched, Son of Aurelius, and Last Chance to Reason are teaming up for a tour. Hide your daughters and sisters.

Called “The Exodus of America Tour,” the jaunt runs through April 14 in Brookfield, Connecticut, of all places.

I’ve yet to form an opinion on these bands, mostly because I don’t have a lot of time to listen to every fucking band that pops up. I’d have no time to shit if I did that. No one on the planet could possibly listen to every new band’s album. That’s why magazines have multiple album reviewers, and why we don’t review albums here at Gun Shy Assassin.

Those dates for you after the jump.

Wretched tour dates:
3/15: Nashville, TN – The End

3/16: Alma, AR – Swad Shop

3/18: Tulsa, OK – Reverb

3/19: Houston, TX – BFE Rock Club

3/20: Austin, TX – Dirty Dog Bar

3/22: Amarillo, TX – Ebgb’s

3/23: Gallup, NM – Juggernaut

3/24: Tempe, AZ – Big Fish Pub
3/25: Lancaster, CA – Bamboo Music Lounge

3/26: Oakland, CA – The New Parish

3/27: Fresno, CA – Bell Tower

3/28: Santa Cruz, CA – The Blue Lagoon

3/30: Portland, OR – Branx

3/31: Seattle, WA – El Corazon

4/2: Salt Lake City, UT – Club Vegas

4/3: Englewood, CO – Gothic Theatre

4/5: Minneapolis, MN – Cabooze

4/6: Des Moines, IA – House Of Bricks

4/7: St. Louis, MO – Fubar

4/8: Chicago, IL – TBA

4/9: La Crosse, WI – Warehouse

4/10: Portage, IN – Camelot Hall

4/12: Sandusky, OH – Underground

4/13: Trenton, NJ – Championships

4/14: Brookfield, CT – The Room

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