Into Eternity
Canadian progressive metal outfit Into Eternity have a new drummer, and that man’s name is Brian Newbury.

According to a press release, Newbury is known in the western Canadian metal scene as a member of Edmonton-based Death Toll Rising. I’m guessing Newbury will replace Steve Bolognese, who I didn’t even know was out of the band.

Into Eternity have been writing new material for the follow-up to 2008’s The Incurable Tragedy, which was a concept record inspired by cancer, if you can believe that.

“It is the coldest March in 90 years (-40 C), so I’m staying indoors and working on some new Into Eternity music,” says guitarist Tim Roth. “This will be our sixth album, so we have to make sure all the songs are perfect. I have over 60 minutes of music demoed now on my iPod, so things are slowly getting done. The music is all there now, so the rough arrangement of the songs has started. It helps us also that we have the organizational assistance of our lawyer, Eric Greif, to fall back on, which is cool considering Death was one of our main influences.”

Into Eternity will be touring throughout Canada in April and May. The band is also playing the “Chuck Schuldiner Birthday Bash” on May 13 at The Distillery in Calgary.

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