He's rehabilitated now

He's rehabilitated now
Fresh from rehab, Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa frontman Jonny Craig has penned a heartfelt apology letter to the people he sold fake computers to over the internet to fund his raging drug habit. I’m sure those who were swindled feel much better about the whole ordeal now that they’ve been given this apology, which was likely written by the dude’s handlers (or at least edited and revised by the dude’s handlers).

“I want to apologize for my recent behavior,” the letter says. “My actions regarding taking advantage of fans was inexcusable. I’m in the process of paying everyone back so please forgive me. My state of mind was completely shot and obviously my decision making skills were heavily impaired due to my drug use.”

Yeah, man — junkies don’t care. They’ll do anything to score…even rip off people who for some inexplicable reason look up to them.

“I’ve since been in detox and successfully completed the treatment,” Craig’s letter continues. He must’ve gone to the same place that let Charlie Sheen out after one week; I thought rehab was a process that lasted months. “I’ve learned a lot from this ordeal and I realized I’ve redeemed my second chance. I want to personally thank Eric at Artery and Craig at Rise for helping me through this emotionally and financially.

“I’m embarrassed with my past actions, I want to make amends to everyone I hurt. Again, sorry to all my fans, family, band mates and colleagues. I’m truly sorry. Now back to work…I’m looking forward to seeing all the DGD fans and their positive energy that they always bring to the shows. With that being said, the past will stay dead and let’s toast to the future kids.”

So, I guess Jonny wants to leave this all behind him. Luckily, sites like this one exist, to keep Jonny’s indiscretions fresh in your mind.

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