Mike Starr
So I guess if the toxicology results come back, showing the original bassist for Alice in Chains dies from an overdose, at least we’ll know it was accidental.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Mike Starr may have had his addiction problems, but was on the road to recovery and didn’t commit suicide — this, says two of his friends the paper caught up with.

“I don’t think this was a suicide,” said Brett Gunn of Salt Lake City, Starr’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. “We had a lot of plans.”

The paper says Starr was living in the 1900 block of Richards Street with two musicians: Spencer Roddan, who had known Starr for several years after being introduced to him by a friend, Travis Meeks. Wasn’t that the name of the bad guy from “Trading Places?”

Roddan and Meeks were rehab buddies, having met during a stint at Utah’s Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Center in Sundance. Meeks, the frontman of the rock band Days of the New, reportedly found Starr’s body at about 1 p.m. Tuesday in Roddan’s house.

“I don’t think [his death] was intentional,” said Roddan. “Our deal was he had to be clean. He said he was going to make me proud.”

Because you can always trust what junkies tell you. I have nothing but respect for Mike Starr and his music, and I am sad about this tragic loss. But these friends? They should’ve done more. I mean, talk is one thing.

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