Scott Ian
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Wait, it will be fine. Anthrax will still play those shows, with a different dude on guitar.

And that dude is Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser; he will be filling in for Scott Ian as a temporary replacement, playing with the band for eight shows. But why?

According to Blabbermouth, Scott Ian and his wife, Pearl Aday, are reportedly expecting the couple’s first baby around July, I guess. That seems like a good enough reason.

Pearl is the daughter of Meat Loaf, which means Meat Loaf will also soon be a grandfather. Wow. The dude with the bitch tits from “Fight Club” is going to be someone’s grandpa.

One time, Scott was asked what it was like having Meat Loaf as a father-in-law and he said “It’s like having anyone as your father-in-law. It’s not like he’s on stage when you’re hanging out with the guy. We actually had dinner with him last night, and all we talked about was fantasy football. He’s just a regular guy who happens to be a legendary rock star.”

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