Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front
Agnostic Front have a new album called My Life My Way scheduled for release March 22 on Nuclear Blast Records, who’ve been promoting the hell out of the forthcoming LP. Now, the label has teamed up with New York-based NYHC Tattoos to give away a four-hour tat session.

The rules are simple: Be 18 year of age, and snap a picture of yourself holding the new record with all of that Agnostic Front merchandise you’ve been collecting over the years. Email it to Nuclear Blast, who created a video with detailed and humorously-delivered instructions for the contest.

The contest ends April 22, so “let’s get things rolling.” I don’t have any tattoos so this may seem a naive question but, it’s four hours long enough? And what happens if the tat session runs long — what’s the rate if it runs, say, 45 minutes over?

I have seen Agnostic Front a ton of times, especially back in the 1990s, when I’d go to shows in the city as a young, dumb youth. I was the guy in the VOD shirt, who stood with all the “silent hoodie hardcore” dudes who looked like they were about to fucking snap. Agnostic puts on a good show, and the new record is supposed to be incredible. So, you should check that shit out.
In fact, hear a song from the disc now. You can download the song “A Mi Manera” for free at the Nuclear Blast USA March 2011 sampler, in recognition of March is Metal Month.

Dude, you have to be a fucking super fan to win this contest. Standing next to a poster with two other Agnostic discs won’t cut it. Think of all the old school dudes who’ll be entering. I’m actually interested to see who wins, and how much Agnostic merch they’ve amassed.

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