Next year's Christmas card
Swedish power metal outfit Bloodbound’s new one, Unholy Cross, will be released on March 18. The album features — as our pal Red Beard points out — is the first to feature Patrik Johansson, who replaced Urban Breed, the new singer for Pyramaze.

Unholy Cross is currently available for pre-order. That’s the artwork; that’s some cryptic shit right there. A burning cross and Nosferatu, rising from a grave? That would make an awesome back tattoo…for someone other than me.

“The album cover made by Mark Wilkinson (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc.) is very symbolic for the band as it symbolizes the resurrection of Bloodbound,” says the band in a statement. “It shows our monster mascot ‘Nossen’ rising from the dead. We as a band feel we’re resurrected as well, as we now have a stable lineup and we all like working together as a band unit. Unholy Cross was a fun album to write and record and musically we wanted to go back and create the magic from the Nosferatu album but with an updated 2011 production.”

Sure — Bloodbound may not be for everybody. Like, for instance, people who don’t like riffs. But if you like your power metal epic and not crafted by DragonForce, you should check out these dudes.

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