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King Diamond Finishes Cardiac Rehabilitation


It's good to be King
Back in November, King Diamond underwent open-heart triple-bypass surgery. Now, his 26-year-old wife Livia Zita has updated fans on her 54-year-old husband’s condition, and his condition is good.

“King has just finished his cardiac rehabilitation program this past Friday, and graduated with flying colors,” says Zita. “Thanks to the wonderful people at the rehab center, his exercise regimen helped him gain a lot of muscle, and start on the road of building up good endurance. We will start regular exercises now to get the endurance up to nice levels.”

Exercises…another way of saying sex with someone half your age.

“The examinations by his heart surgeon and cardiologist revealed that his health is steadily improving, and they all expect him to feel better than ever, 15 years younger than he really is. I am immensely proud of what he has achieved in these short three months, stopped smoking entirely, changed diet and doing regular exercise among other things.”

Regular exercise is just another way of saying regular fucking.

“I cannot say anything certain about when he will be back working on King Diamond-related things, but he is looking forward to finishing the DVDs eventually, and he is most certainly not stopping music. I hope this information was helpful. I can honestly say that his progress has been nothing short of amazing. He is the strongest person I know. He would also like to extend his huge gratitude to all of you, for your absolutely amazing support. It has really meant a lot to him.”