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When Manowar come to town, make sure the fucking electric company’s prepared. This is what promoters learned Friday (March 11) during the not-gay band’s soundcheck at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio.

Manowar blew the power system on the entire city block where the Agora is located; I think it’s on Euclid Avenue, if I’m remembering right. The power company was working overnight to restore power, and the venue was only operating with partial power. Temporary generators had to be rushed in to save the show, and support the sound and lighting system. A lot of extra gear was brought in for the show and fortunately, the generators worked and — thankfully — the show was not canceled.

Fucking Manowar. They come in, just soundcheck, and blow the fucking power on an entire city block. Never question the power of Manowar.

The band’s set opened with “Manowar” and featured classic cuts like “Metal Daze,” “Shell Shock,” “Sun of Death,” “Brothers of Metal,” “Thor (The Powerhead),” “Hail and Kill,” “Thunder in the Sky,” “Kings of Metal,” and “King of Kings.”

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