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Limp Bizkit To Punish Us With Two Albums


Fred Durst
Despite the fact that it’s no longer 1998, Limp Bizkit insist on wasting money and time in a recording studio, working on their latest foray into shit. In fact, Limp Bizkit have been working on a comeback album called Gold Cobra for what feels like three years. They’ve been working so much that they’ve actually amassed two albums worth of mediocre rap-rock they plan on releasing.

According to frontman Fred Durst’s latest Tweets, the Bizkit have so much material under their belt that Gold Cobra — which is supposed to feature guest vocals from Lil Wayne — will likely be the first of two discs the band will soon release.

“Obviously we have two albums here, in case you didn’t pick up on that,” Durst Tweeted. Sorry Fred, but it wasn’t obvious. “First one is Gold Cobra. Due soon.”

Limp Bizkit are assuring their three fans that the Cobra should be in stores sometime this summer. But they’ve been saying that since 2007. They’ve also announced two tours that ended up being canceled.

Does anyone care at all about this band? Anyone? What label is dumb enough to fund — and release — another Bizkit offering?