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Unearthly Trance May Have Broken Up…Maybe


Unearthly Trance
Or, as MetalSucks points out, “just done playing gigs.” Its hard to tell from the band’s most recent Facebook update, that they’d played their final — in upper-case letters — show in Nagoya, Japan.

Some would look at that like, “Well, perhaps that means they’ve broken up. Probably, right? Dones-ville.” But the Facebook post continues that “We will no longer be playing live again. Thanks to all who came to see us over the years.”

So, speculation. Is the band over or are they just sick of the road, which — most bands will tell you — happens when you’re not touring in a luxurious bus. Van life sucks.

The band’s label, Relapse, has not addressed this development — online or otherwise. I’m saying no break up — these dudes are just done with touring. Which will make selling the follow-up to V, which the band released back in September.