Alicia Jacobs and Vince Neil
Las Vegas-based entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs has dumped Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil, who recently completed a “harsh” 15-day stint behind bars for drunk driving.

“Due to the decisions Vince continues to make, it is necessary that I end our relationship of seven months. I wish him happiness and good health,” Jacobs said in a statement.

Who the fuck releases a statement when they dump someone? And why be so vague? Why reference the decisions he’s making and then not get into it further?

Poor Vince. Must be hard to know that your ex was only with you because you are famous.

It’s good to finally see someone’s finally holding Vince accountable for his fucking actions. Something tells me Vince will be doing a lot of drinking over the next week or so, to cope with the break up. Let’s just hope he can’t find his car keys.

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