Holy shit, has today been slow!? Not much news is breaking folks, and all of Gun Shy’s columnists are busy making music and touring to check in with new pearls of prose. Fucking thing sucks. Thankfully, Winterus — Michigan’s black metal maestros — signed a deal, and that, people, is news.

Winterus will release a new record, In Carbon Mysticism, on April 26 release, thanks to a new partnership with Lifeforce Records.

A press release on the signing claims Winterus’ new disc “will push the boundaries of black metal further than ever before, by creating a genre-defying psychedelic landscape built upon pummeling metal textures.”

“We expect this album to change the way metal is heard from ear to ear,” expressed frontman Christopher Erich Neu. “With an honest delivery, including three live tracks, you can feel the passion of ever-maturing musicians that strive for something new and brilliant.”

The album will feature six studio tracks — including “Lone Wolves,” “Reborn,” “No Rest,” “Harmonious,” and “Moonlust” — along with three live tracks: “Christ Reign,” “Dusk Unveils,” and “Through The Mist.”

Live tracks — what is this, a demo? You couldn’t record three more tracks in the studio? Just seems an odd move, but then again, I’m an odd man.

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