Swedish death metal legends Malfeitor, who have reunited after a 17-year hiatus, have named Janne (Rudberg) Björkenfjäll — of Exhumed and Morpheus fame — their new drummer.

The band is currently hard at work on material for a new album, which should surface before the end of the year.

Recently, the band released a statement on their reunion. “After Malfeitor split in 1994, [Benny] Moberg and [Mattias] Parkkila started Blood Mortized as an old-school Swedish death metal band, to recapture a small shade of Tomas Skogsberg’s famous Sunlight sound,” the band writes in a statement. “In 2010, Moberg decided to leave the band and focus on the resuscitation of Malfeitor!”

The band promises that the new shit will be “more intense, faster and brutal,” with “influences mainly com[ing] from big acts as Immolation and Deicide, but the music retains the Swedish influences, it is possible to discern a lot OSSDM in the material. Malfeitor [is] currently looking for labels who are interested in releasing the new material; otherwise the material will be released without a label!”

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