The Faceless
This, according to MetalSucks’ Vince Neilstein, who was at SXSW and saw the band perform sans bassist.

Apparently, bassist Jared Lander quit the band the day before their tour kicked off. Guitarist Michael Keene revealed the news to the crowd.

Vince — being the honest dude he is — “did not even notice the lack of a bassist until Keene announced it. As long as they’re trying to represent their recorded material in the live setting they don’t even need a bassist, because the bass on those records is completely inaudible, and that’s not even necessarily a bad thing.”

Agreed. Man. This makes me pissed and regretful that I didn’t hitch a ride to Austin for SXSW. As I say every year around this same time…next year, I’m definitely going to make it down to SXSW. Definitely.

The band have yet to reveal plans for a replacement…if they’ll even recruit one.

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