Vince likes champagne
Mötley Crüe frontman and perennial douche Vince Neil has responded to reports that he has been drinking and driving in recent weeks…not long after serving 10 days of a 15-day prison sentence for DUI.

A blog report from Las Vegas claims Neil’s car has been spotted parked prominently at the valet of a couple of Vince’s favorite Las Vegas hotels — the Las Vegas Hilton and the Palms — on nights when Neil has reportedly been seen drinking champagne by guests at both hotels.

“Insinuations of me drinking and driving are completely false,” Neil told the Kats Report in a text message. When asked if that was a denial his car was seen at those hotels at the same time he was seen drinking champagne, and if he could see how that would be a concern to anyone worried about his well-being, Vince said “Last I heard it is not illegal to have a drink in this city. I am not on probation or under any drug and alcohol rules. I am not required to check in or submit to any type of testing. I did my time and am getting on with my life. If my car is in valet at night, the question is, is it still there in the morning? I am always provided rides home if I want or a room. Do not assume anything. I will not respond any further on this subject. I do not have to defend myself on rumors.”

I am so fucking pissed at Vince Neil. You’d think dude would learn his lesson, especially seeing as his chick left him last week, citing “the decisions Vince continues to make.” Decisions like, “I’m OK to (hiccup) drive. Come on, honey — get in my ride. I’m motherfuckin’ Vince Neil.” That’s not a direct quote or anything.

Maybe someone should finally take this asshole’s license away…maybe.

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