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Review: Tales From the Musicquarium


Finally, live theater has found an answer to Mystery Science Theater 3000. Tales From the Musicquarium isn’t a show so much as a gathering of folk who think bad 80’s horror movies are unintentionally hilarious and that they should be laughed at. Seattle Burlesque Star Ben De La Crème provides commentary and entertainment, and everyone spends a few hours watching cheesy horror films in the upper half of the Triple Door. Oh, and did I mention it was free?

I’d never actually been to the bar section of the Triple Door before I went to see Tales last Monday (March 21st). In fact, I wasn’t even invited as a reviewer, but some things just need to be documented. I was genuinely impressed at the pleasant atmosphere created by a bunch of strangers sitting down to watch other people get stabbed, slashed, crushed, poisoned, and otherwise done away with.

Ben De La Crème is a terrific performer, and she always knew exactly when to make a humorous comment. She never spoke over a genuinely interesting part of the movie, while at the same time making sure there were no dull or awkward moments. Our film of the evening was Areobacide, sometimes titled The Killer Workout, and was about as ridiculous as it gets. My only regret is that I won’t be able to see what Ben De La Crème has in store for next week.

Tales from the Musicquarium is currently scheduled to run once more on Monday March 28th, although there has been talk of extending it into April. If that becomes a reality, I’ll be sure to update this article. Show up a little before 8:00pm to grab a seat and expect to stay until 11:00pm or so. As I mentioned before, there is no cover or cost whatsoever. Parking will probably be the most expensive part of the evening.



Edit/Update: Tale’s from the Musicquarium has been extended into April, same time and place!