The Phantom Carriage
I’m not sure if France’s The Phantom Carriage is awesome or just really fuckin confused…whether they’re actually an innovative band or just a band with too many muddled influences. That said, I still sort of like what these chaps are doing — which, a press release claims, is “jazz for screamo kids in corpse paint.”

Funny, seeing as I usually hate anything French.

It’s part black metal, part jazz, part mathcore, part screamo and all extremely chaotic. They sort of sound like Pass The Flask-era The Bled crossed with Lurker of Challice…if such an amalgamation were possible and tended to sometimes go soft and insert a pussy vocal part.

I’d love to know what you people think of them. I’m on the fence, but leaning more towards like with every song I hear from the band’s new album, New Thing, which can be streamed in its entirety here.

From the band’s clumsily-worded press release: “‘Musical open-mindedness turns to a plague only when one have shitty taste,’ once said the prophet. You guess that’s not the case with The Phantom Carriage, who dare to assemble, in a total presumptuousness, the jazz-tainted black metal of Deathspell Omega, the technical yet suffocating chaos of Comity, added to their Orchid-esque experience in Taciturn. For now way more loquacious than with their last embodiment, these five too bipolar butchers will be delighted to smash your cortex with their receding riffs and vicious throat scrapings.”

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